Weight reduction story: “I skip my breakfast, dinner and solely have heat lemon water within the morning!”

Weight loss story: "I skip my breakfast, dinner and only have warm lemon water in the morning!"

My breakfast: I don’t have breakfast, since I comply with a low carb+ Intermittent Fasting program+ OMAD (One meal a day). I simply have a glass of heat lime juice (no honey or sweeteners.. simply half a lime in a glass of heat water)

My lunch:

A daal dosa/ 2 idlis or a besan chilla with a bowl of dal (with methi, palak and so forth.), a bowl of stir-fried and cooked greens (avoiding potatoes), two varieties of salads (one inexperienced, one sauteed), a glass of skinny buttermilk spiced with ginger, inexperienced chilli and a pinch of pink salt.

An hour later, I’d have fruits like papaya, guava, apple or mousambi.

Twice per week, I additionally attempt to have a chunk of hen, fish or two eggs with my common lunch.

My dinner: No dinner, since I comply with OMAD.

I normally finish my day by chewing 6-Eight almonds, soaked and peeled.

Pre-workout meal: The glass of lime juice I’ve within the morning earlier than my hour of pace strolling and stretches.

Submit-workout meal: Nothing instantly thereafter. Lunch – my one meal is at 1 pm.

I bask in (What you eat in your cheat days): Possibly a roti or a tablespoon of brown rice.. or a candy as soon as per week, which is normally on Sundays

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Daal dosa and daal idli, Cauliflower rice, Sauteed salads.

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