Panic assault vs Coronary heart assault: What’s the distinction

Panic attack vs Heart attack: What is the difference

A coronary heart assault happens when a coronary artery supplying the guts with blood and oxygen turns into blocked or obstructed. This restricts the movement of blood and oxygen to the guts muscle tissues. Some coronary heart assaults are prompt and might be deadly, whereas others are smaller occasions that function warning indicators to make crucial adjustments within the life-style and food plan.

Typical indicators of a coronary heart assault contain:

Chest discomfort

Heaviness in chest




Nausea or chilly sweats


Paleness within the face

Ache within the higher physique, notably in a single or each arms, the neck, again, jaw or abdomen

Whereas ache within the chest or arm is a standard signal of coronary heart assault, it isn’t all the time skilled. Girls are extra unlikely to expertise chest ache and will present different indicators like fatigue or higher physique discomfort.

Individuals affected by the issue of diabetes, excessive ldl cholesterol, continual stress and hypertension are extra susceptible to get a coronary heart assault. In addition to, smoking, poor life-style habits and lack of bodily exercise additionally will increase the danger.

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