6 mouthwatering dishes to attempt when in Darjeeling

6 mouthwatering dishes to try when in Darjeeling

India is a melting pot of varied cultures, traditions, practices, ethnicities and identities. Due to such a variety within the nation, the meals practices of the subcontinent are additionally diverse and interesting. What’s eaten in a area is perhaps overseas to a different one. However, what is perhaps thought-about as native to a selected geographic location, may popup fairly unexpectedly in another place. All these intricacies make the Indian meals scene extraordinarily fascinating and charming.

Within the state of West Bengal, lies the small metropolis of Darjeeling. A highly regarded vacation spot in India, Darjeeling is positioned within the Lesser Himalayas. It’s famous for its tea trade, its views of Kangchenjunga and is taken into account a haven for the foodies due to its mouthwatering delicacies. Due to Darjeeling being a multicultural area, the native and ethnic meals obtainable there may be additionally very diverse. Here’s a have a look at some mouthwatering dishes from Darjeeling.

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